(2017/2018 Financial year with effect 1st April 2017)

Total cost to start gliding:

Full member – R 8 340.00
Student member – R 4 400.00

Detailed break down of costs:

Full membership Entrance Fee R 500.00 (once off, includes logbooks etc.)
Student entrance fee R 250.00 (once off, includes logbooks etc.)
Full Membership (over 65 yrs) R 3 250.00 p.a. if paid before 31st May 2017 – thereafter R300 p.m.
Full Membership (under 65 yrs) R6500.00 p.a.if paid before 31st May 2017 – thereafter R600 p.m.
Country/Family/Student Membership R3 250.00 p.a. if paid before 31st May 2017 – thereafter R300 p.m.
Social Membership R 720.00 p.a.
Temporary Daily Membership R 250.00 per day
*Family Temp. daily m’ship R 50.00 per day

* Daily Membership fee of R50 is for direct family and friends if flown in private 2-seater, or R250 for friends of MGC members using Club 2-seaters, and R250 if a member of another gliding club.

(MGC year from 1st April – 31st March;   New members joining during the year would pay R600.00 per month (or part thereof) to the end of the Club Year. N.B. Country or family members or students would pay R300.00 per month)

Social Members may visit socially, will receive the newsletter, but they may NOT fly Club gliders solo nor vote at the Club’s AGM.

N.B. An Additional R500.00 should be added to new members and/or member’s account to put their account into a credit situation

Soaring Society of South Africa
SSSA Fee (over 25) R 1340.00 per annum
SSSA Fee (under 25) R 900.00 per annum

(SSSA year from 1st January – 31st December. After 1st July fee R670.00)

All Aero tows R65.00 per minute
Aero tow retrieves As per tow rates above
Fuel Uplifted cost + R3 per lt.  maximum 30 lt.
Ferrying R65 per minute as above

R 75.00 per launch

Motor Glider R 8.00 per minute / R800 per hr. for members of other flying clubs
Twin Astirs R 6.00 per minute
Ka7 R 2.00 per minute
Single Astirs R 3.50 per minute
Introductory Training Flights:
Aero-tow flight R 1500.00 for maximum 30 minute duration
Winch launch R 1000.00 flight time between 2 minutes and 30 minutes
Motor glider R 750.00 for maximum 30 minute duration

N.B.  These rates include the Daily Membership fee of R250 for non-gliding visitors. Prices are subject to change

Club Hangar Rental R 550.00 per month
Cape Hangars R 500.00 per month
Syndication of singles:
1 Pilot R 1000.00 per month
2 Pilots R500.00 each per month
3 Pilots R350.00 each per month
4 Pilots R250.00 each per month

The availability of gliders for the purpose of syndication can be discussed with the CFI.

Estimated flying expense up to solo:

This estimate will vary depending upon the individuals initial skill and aptitude as well as preferred launch method. (All the costs below excludes the normal membership fees outlined above)
You should work on 30 to 60 flights to go solo for a first time pilot, and if you are committed you will be able to have about 2-3 flights per day on average. The costs below is an estimation for 45 flights.


Assuming your average aerotow lasts 8 minutes and your average flight duration is 15 minutes. Cost will be: R 35915.00 (flight = R27450.00 , Membership = R7200 , SSSA = R1265) . If you do aerotow only you should go solo in less flights because you will get away on most of the flights and get more flying time under the belt sooner. This will enable you to save on you petrol cost driving between the club and home.


If you decide to winch launch it might take more flights to solo because a significant proportion of your flights will be shorter, if you cant find lift directly after the winch launch you will only fly a circuit and land thus limiting your flight training. Working on 45 flights again and 15 minutes average flight time, cost to solo will be:
R 15890.00
(flight = R7425.00 , Membership = R7200 , SSSA = R1265)


A reasonable cost to work with if you combine winch, aerowtow and motor glider training will be in the region of R 15 890.00 to R 35 915.00. Also remember to factor in travel costs to the airfield and back over weekends to arrive at a good estimate of what it will cost you to learn how to fly. In gliding there is not a set amount of hours required to go solo, if your flying is consistently safe and your decision making sound you may be permitted to go solo quite soon.
Glider pilots are required to obtain a radio license, fortunately the club runs a radio course for members at cost price.
Ground school and theory training is provided by the club as set out by the SSSA training syllabus, free of charge.
New pilots joining the club must have a class 4 medical certificate before they commence with training.

All student pilots must also obtain a RAASA students licence, before they can go solo.