Total cost to startup: Entrance fee + one month membership + SSSA fees


Student Member (Limited to Students or Scholars Under 25yo at the discretion of the committee):

Entrance Fee R250.00 Once off includes logbooks etc.
Membership R600.00/month
SSSA Student Affiliation R900.00/year If Under 16 – R670/year
This membership includes unlimited winch launches and use of the ASK7 until completing a GPL

Under 25/Over 65/Country/Family Member:

Entrance Fee R250.00 Once off includes logbooks etc.
Membership R3250.00/year If paid before 31st May 2017 – thereafter R300 p.m.
SSSA Affiliation R1340.00/year Students – R900/year
Country members- Must be a member of another club, exempt from duties

Family Members- If multiple members of a family join, not all members need to be full members

Full Member (25<Age<65):

Entrance Fee R500.00 Once off includes logbooks etc.
Membership R6500.00/year If paid before 31st May 2017 – thereafter R600 p.m.
SSSA Affiliation R1340.00/year

Social Member:

Membership R720.00/year No discount applicable
Social Members may visit socially, will receive the newsletter, but they may NOT fly any gliders solo nor vote at the Club’s AGM

Note: An additional R500.00 should be added to new members and/or member’s account to put their a/c into credit

Note: All SSSA (Soaring Society of South Africa) affiliation fees mentioned above are subject to change by the SSSA, please see the SSSA website for more details.



Temporary Daily Membership Club R250.00/day Friend/family member flown in a club 2-seater by a GPL pilot
Temporary Daily Membership Pvt R50.00/day Friend/family member flown in a private 2-seater by a GPL pilot
F.A.I. License R175.00/year Mandatory for competition flying
Members of other gliding clubs may use our facilities at normal club rates

MGC year from 1st April – 31st March; Members joining during the year would pay R7200 or part thereof, Country, Student, Pensioners or Family members would pay R3600 or part thereof, and be liable for payment up to the end of the Club financial year-end, i.e. 31st March.


Flying Costs:

Aero-Tows/A-Tow Retrieves/Ferrying R65.00/min
Fuel Uplifted cost + R3 per lt.  maximum 30 lt for pvt aircraft
Launch charge R75.00/Launch
Club Glider Hire Per minute rate
Aircraft Hire:
Twin Astir II (G103) R6.00/min
ASK7 R2.00/min
Single Astir (G102) R3.50/min
Touring Motor Glider (SF25C) R480/Hobbs hour or R4.00/min engine off
Note: All glider hire (TMG excluded) is free before 11am everyday

 Training Introductory Flights:

Aero-Tow R1500.00 Maximum of 30 minutes
Winch Launch R1000.00 Maximum of 30 minutes
Motor Glider R750.00 Maximum of 30 minutes
These rates include Temporary membership for 1 month


Club Hangar Rental R 550.00/month
Cape Hangars R 500.00/month


Estimated flying expense up to solo:

This estimate will vary depending upon the individuals initial skill and aptitude as well as preferred launch method. (All the costs below excludes the normal membership fees outlined above)
You should work on 30 to 60 flights to go solo for a first time pilot, and if you are committed you will be able to have about 2-3 flights per day on average. The costs below is an estimation for 45 flights.


Assuming your average aerotow lasts 8 minutes and your average flight duration is 15 minutes. Cost will be: R 27 450.00. If you do aerotow only you should go solo in less flights because you will get away on most of the flights and get more flying time under the belt sooner. This will enable you to save on you petrol cost driving between the club and home.


If you decide to winch launch it might take more flights to solo because a significant proportion of your flights will be shorter, if you can’t find lift directly after the winch launch you will only fly a circuit and land thus limiting your flight training. Working on 45 flights again and 15 minutes average flight time, cost to solo will be:
R 7 425.00

Motor Glider

Working on 15 hours to solo in the motor falke, the cost to solo will be:
R 7 200.00

Magalies Gliding Club