First Training Flight

We offer a “First Training Flight” package the intention of which is to introduce people to the sport of soaring and to get some hands on flight experience.  This includes –

1)     Full day membership to the club and as such you are able to bring family and friends as guests to enjoy the club facilities.

2)     Soaring society day membership.

3)     A touring motor glider introductory training flight. This involves a 30 minute first training flight in a motorised self-launching glider where the glider climbs to altitude and then uses thermic energy for the rest of the flight. This is a training flight and the participant will be briefed before the flight.

You can book any Saturday or Sunday of your choice and an approximate time for the flight through myself, or you can arrive any weekend day at the club at about 10:30am and join the “first training flight” queue. However the flight would not be booked and may only happen later in the day. You only pay if you fly.

For more information kindly mail me at

Should the flight not take place for any reason you can rebook for another day or the money is fully refundable. We now take credit cards.

The amount is R2000.00 per person (subject to change). Should you join the club within 10 days of your intro training day, the R2000.00 will be credited to your flying account and you will then be charged at member rates for the introductory flight.

Please bring any food, refreshments, sunscreen and hats you may require for the day. Also some camping chairs and a sun umbrella will add to your comfort. There is a clubhouse with normal facilities for your personal comfort.

There is a strict no alcohol policy which flying operations are active.

After flying there is a full bar and a self-catering braai facility and we invite you and your friends to the clubhouse to enjoy the evening with us.

You can find a detailed breakdown on the costs involved in obtaining a GPL on the costs page.

Contact: Carol Clifford at

Intro training flight at Orient ( edited )

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